About me

 My name is Meysmans Julien born in 1979.

8 years working in the computer networking industry as graphic designer where i was responsible for the packaging, brand design, website management, DTP catalog, private label, B2B service, company profile, …
4 years until now working for an advertisement company in Belgium with knowledge in big size billboard, indoor as outdoor publication, digital signage for public and private location, production management, …

Love working with Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress, HTML, CSS, UX, DTP, Advertising, Packaging, Branding, Company profiles, …

About MJ-Artem

First rule is:

The best way to create something is to communicate properly with the customer. Reach the same level of understanding and idea is the best goal you can have, the rest follow.

Feel free to ask everything, and i will be happy to answer y