Green Home Group

Branding – Website

Greenhomegroup is a facade renovation and insulation company. Located in Brussels, GHG has been in business for 20 years. They gave me the opportunity to create their logo, branding and design.

Check now www.greenhomegroup.be

Resto Tapati

Branding – Website

Chef Gerd spoils everyone with surprising and delicious dishes but always with an eye for price/quality, a no-nonsense fusion of southern and Belgian cuisine with a perfect balance of flavours. Hostess Maria handles the service with dedication and enthusiasm. They entrusted me full reign to design her website and branding.

Check now www.restotapati.es


Branding – Website

Robiconcept is an IT company based in belgium. They think, design and build powerful on-demand software for all kind of businesses. Robiconcept is a passionate team with great ideas.

Check now www.robiconcept.com

Ma Voix et vous

Branding – Website

Ma voix et vous is a French voice over actress. She does voice over for advertising agencies, audio-guide, e-learning materials, corporate companies, voiced emails, films, and so much more. She entrusted me full reign to design her website and branding.

Check now www.mavoixetvous.be *no more active url

Faux Gras

Website update

Faux Gras is a very active and dynamic website with weelky news about food products and recipes. I maintain regular and frequent updates.

Check now www.fauxgras.be

Costers Schilderwerken


Costers Schilderwerken is a local painting company. We made an exciting new branding for its growing business.

Check now Coster Schilderwerken – Facebook Page

Feralmi – Uw verhaal in staal


Feralmi is a young entrepreneur with a creative mind and hands of steel.
He builds everthing you wish in steel.

Website coming soon


Aqua Seven Privilège

Branding – Website

Social Boost

Aqua Seven Privilège is a Private Sauna and Relaxation area. If you’re in need of peace and tranquility, this is the place you’re looking for.

Check now Aqua Seven Privilège